Michigan Sunrise Elopement/Lake Huron

Sunrise Elopement / Lake Huron

Brian and Tori’s Michigan sunrise elopement is proof that the third time really is the charm and that good things come to those who are patient.

When Brian and Tori contacted me, they were scrambling to come up with an alternative to the wedding they had planned for this past fall. I could tell that they were beyond stressed and beginning to feel defeated as COVID continued to nix every contingence plan they came up with.

What Brain and Tori wanted was simple, a beautiful location and a stress-free wedding day that they could enjoy, just the two of them. We settled on a beautiful beach location in Northeastern Michigan. For those of you who don’t know, the eastern side of Michigan is known as the Sunrise Side and for very good reason. Lake Huron produces some of the most jaw dropping sunrises (it’s true, I’ve seen dozens, and each is better than the last). Once I mentioned this to Brian & Tori, without hesitation they decided they NEEDED a sunrise elopement.

Done and Done!

Like any elopement planner, I obsess over the weather forecast on the weeks and days leading up to my client’s ceremonies. In true Michigan fashion, the weather went from clear skies to days of torrential rain literally overnight. With Brian and Tori being set on a Sunrise Elopement, there wasn’t a backup in-door location waiting for them. So once again, their wedding day was put on hold.

Two days after their originally scheduled ceremony date, it looked like we may get lucky with a brief break in the rain. The next morning, around 3am I lept out of bed like a child on Christmas morning, rushed outside and was elated to find a crystal-clear sky with 0% chance of rain in the forecast.

Fast forward to 5:40am, Brian and Tori finally said their vows on a secluded beach with the most stunning sunrise as their backdrop. In the end, it was everything they wanted, simple and just the two of them.

Cheers to Brian and Tori!

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X Brittany

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