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Holland State Park Elopement

Holland State Park Elopement Where to begin.. Keith and Lilia's Holland State Park elopement took place on a blustery, October … Continue reading "Holland State Park Elopement"

Michigan Elopement – So You Want to Elope

Intimate Michigan Elopement Where to begin.. Let me preface by saying this; never have I laughed as much or had … Continue reading "Michigan Elopement – So You Want to Elope"

Marquette, MI Black Rocks Intimate Elopement – So You Want to Elope

Intimate Elopement at Black Rocks / Marquette, MI I first met Lauren when she reached out in early 2021 looking … Continue reading "Marquette, MI Black Rocks Intimate Elopement – So You Want to Elope"

Black Rocks Elopement

Madeline & Blayne's elopement at the Black Rocks in Marquette, Michigan took place on a perfect summer evening in early … Continue reading "Black Rocks Elopement"

Do’s & Dont’s of Eloping

The words, "Lets elope" mean something very different today then they did 10 years ago. Elopements have evolved from spontaneous … Continue reading "Do’s & Dont’s of Eloping"

Winter Elopement / Lake Michigan

Anytime a couple reaches out to us and expresses interest in a winter elopement,  we are immediately hooked. If there … Continue reading "Winter Elopement / Lake Michigan"

Michigan Sunrise Elopement/Lake Huron

Sunrise Elopement / Lake Huron Brian and Tori's Michigan sunrise elopement is proof that the third time really is the … Continue reading "Michigan Sunrise Elopement/Lake Huron"

Elopements and Intimate Weddings – New Normal After COVID-19?

Are elopements and intimate weddings the new post COVID-19 norm?   If you’re reading this,chances are, you are one of … Continue reading “Elopements and Intimate Weddings – New Normal After COVID-19?”

Where to Elope in Northern Michigan

Michigan is beautiful, there is no denying that. Whether you are a lifelong “Michigander” or have only seen photos of … Continue reading “Where to Elope in Northern Michigan”